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So we have travelled into Ubud a few times now. Parking on the street in Ubud is super busy and you must pay 2000 rupiah ($0.20) to a guy walking around giving out tickets.

Pundi Pundi

Some of the restaurants we have visited:

Pundi Pundi is a delicious Indonesian restaurant overlooking rice paddies with great food. Prices are okay and the food is yummy.

Bumi Bali was not a great choice. Looked lovely from the outside, great décor with tables on the floors, etc. But the food was not nice. I was disappointed.

Café Wayan & Bakery is amazing. The little opening front is deceptive, as the restaurant goes back and back and back. It has normal seating, floor seating, lake seating, everything! The food is magnificent. A little pricey for Bali, but that is Ubud. I mean, don’t get me wrong Nasi Goreng is still only $5 and my Chicken Barbados (WOW) was $7, but it is well worth it. We have visited twice now: the fried banana is to die for! The staff are super friendly and often take the kids for walks. Caius constantly comes back with mouth bulging with strawberries and hands loaded too. Again we came home with lunch for the next day.

Pizza Bagus do free delivery to Bali T House. They have pizza, pasta, sandwiches and Indonesian food. They do the pizza and pasta better then they do the Indonesian food. The other night we got one pasta, one nasi goring and an apple strudel delivered for $8! The previous night we got pizza, pasta and garlic bread for $10. Delivery is 45 minutes, but the food is fresh and hot when it arrives. The $8 dinner was not all eaten & I had lunch the next day too. 

Glove Stove & Grill are a little out of town, but have wonderful service. The staff were so attentive taking care of our kids. They have a TV in which they were playing kids movies, they brought out colouring for them, even washed them after dinner. The food was also great and reasonably priced. I would go again!

Melting Wok Warung

Melting Wok Warung was hard to find down a little alley, but since it's high rating on Trip Advisor we went searching. The place is cute. Run by a French woman it was filled with French people. We came early, but from 6pm onwards the pkace is packed and you need a reservation, while we were there so many people were turned away. There is a blackboard with the menu, it contained about 3 items. The dessert menu maybe 5. The price was great we had 2 mains, 3 drinks, 2 desserts for $17, the food was ok. I wouldn't go back.

Crispy Duck is a hidden gem like Cafe Wayan. It's front is deciving and if you get past the tiled, bright entry foyer it goes back into jungle and amazing atmosphere plus 3 more kitchens. My duck was a little dry, but Sharelle loved her fried chicken. Prices are not as Bali friendly, but certainly still better than Western. 

Taco Caso also do delivery and we have tried their food several times. The salad bowl is fantastic in a place where veggies are actually hard to come by and Josh is a fan of the burrito. Less than $10 for both. 

Sari Organic I wouldn't recommend for the food, but the experience. A beautiful walk or hitch a ride with a passing motorcyclist for $1 and everything is freshly produced and made. The sweet potato sorbet was yuk. The milkshakes and lassies all very natural. Vegetarian's dream come true. Gorgeous venue. 

There is a big new supermarket in town – CoCo Mart & it stokes a lot of Western food and Asian food. We have filled up on $1 banana bunches, chips, biscuits, yoghurt and other snacks you need when you have kids. Parking is free and the lot is big.

We have spent on average $20 - $30 a day on food. Usually one meal which lasts for 2. You could eat much cheaper than this. Some of our meals as seen have been only $10 for all 4 of us. 

I haven’t done too much shopping in Ubud, seems a bit pricey compared to my favourite shopping mall in Denpasar, but the kids love looking at the different art and masks that locate the many stalls. 

Somebody asked about the weather, well not much to tell. It’s been 30 everyday, no change. Last night we had some rain, but every day is sunny and beautiful. I am not sure if the weather has changed or perhaps we have climitised because the nights are feeling a tad coolish and I no longer crave aircon like that first night. Have even put the blanket on once (mind you my fan was still full blast).

Bali T House is a wonderful location. So quite and scenic. Most of the other guests are also long term Bali visitors. An English couple behind us with two kids have been here 6 weeks and are looking at moving here. The French couple have been here a month and looking to renew 2 more weeks. They home school, one has a car, one has bikes and all are very friendly. 

Breakfast fruit prepared in our Ubud house every morning

Every morning the staff come to our house and make us breakfast in the kitchen. They offer us fruit and then a choice of eggs or pancakes. We have alternated and it is fantastic. When we are done they come back and clean up the kitchen as well as the house. If we ask for fresh sheets, it’s done. Fresh towels, it's done. And today just got my laundry back. A giant bag of clothes - $3.

As you can imagine with no washing, cleaning or cooking to do I have some spare time on my hands. Or so I thought. Instead we have been trying to keep a routine. Swimming with the kids, nap times. Every other day we attempt an outing such as Sanur or today the Bird Park….


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