Our Spontaneous Hotel Stay at Peninsula Beach Resort, Nusa Dua

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During our first days in the villa we noticed we did not have any hot water. After 4 days of the Balinese trying to fix this we finally called our Owner, who immediately booked us a hotel so that we could all have a hot shower.  It was 7pm at night when he called us and said I’ve booked you here, this is how to get there.

We didn’t even know where there was, but followed the directions and ended up in Nusa Dua at the Peninsula Beach Resort. What a wonderful hotel. Very Bali style and quite old looking, it was still gorgeous. We apologetically got given a one bedroom apartment, which actually turned out excellent with a kitchen, lounge and bedroom, they had set up a big double bed for the kids in the lounge and we had the bedroom.

We dumped our overnight bag and headed onto the street for dinner, stopping at the first place we found, the very popular Laguna. With your meal came a free “salad bar” – lettuce, carrot, tomato, and cucumber – fruit and a welcome drink. There was a live music and a large group having a party there. The atmosphere was humming and food was excellent, best cashew chicken I’ve ever had.

The live music loved Mia and invited her up to sing, but she was too shy. She wasn’t too shy to head next door to the massage place, however. Where while I watched through the window I saw her hop onto a chair ask for a massage, a water and that the lady take her shoes off. The lady laughed, took her shoes off and gave her a little pretend massage. Well after that we thought we better go get a real one so Josh & I had an expensive 20 minute reflexology for $5 each.

After this we went back to the hotel, all had the best shower we have ever had and fell asleep.

The next morning we had the hotel buffet breakfast. Caius went to bed, Josh went to work and Mia and I spent the morning in the hotel pool making friends and swimming around.


For lunch we went across the road to a little restaurant. As we were sitting there I saw this couple come in and sit down in front of me. “Gemma?” They turned to look at me, and no joke, it was the lovely English couple we had met a few weeks ago at the Balinese Cooking Class in Ubud. They were staying right next door to us in Nusa Dua! We all had lunch together and a great catch up. It was so lovely.  

After we headed back to the hotel and spent the afternoon in the pool, when the Owner of our Villa called and confirmed everything had been fixed and we could go home. What a day! Spontaneous, surprising and so relaxing, we loved it.

We headed home, chucked the kids into bed, got the famous Pizzona (AMAZING pizza and delicious pasta) and had another amazing hot shower.

Thank you so much to Mr. Roger's of Bali Villa Montego for our magnificent adventure. We had never seen Nusa Dua and to stay there and be a part of it for one night was fabulous. 

I should mention that the next day, Josh & I decided to see a bit more of Nusa Dua. We were granted access into a secure area where all of a sudden it was like the Twilight Zone. The streets were well paved, the lawns manicured, the road rules followed. There was no traffic and the traffic that was, behaved!

We followed this to the Bali Collection shopping centre. Which is an open air shopping centre with designer labels and plenty of restaurants. Close your eyes boys, but girls I even managed to find bras that were bigger than C Cup. $17 for one and 50% off the second!

We had a lovely lunch and a good look around then exited the Twilight Zone back to…. streets with potholes, motorcyles, scooters, cars, carts, beeping, braking and millions of dogs. 

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mmmmmmmmmm....... Edward Cullen!!!

Brittany Walters Jun 2nd, 2012

WOW!! What an amazing time you guys are having. Just loving reading your blog!

Claire Jun 4th, 2012

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