Luxurious Living in San Francisco at the Huntington Hotel

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Imagine the sophisticated, classic charm of San Francisco encapsulated into a single building and you’ve got The Huntington Hotel (The Scarlet Huntington).

San Francisco did not disappoint and neither did this glamorous hotel. The Huntington Hotel & Nob Hill Spa is simply charming. This mansion was built in 1870, became the West's most elegant apartment building and then in 1945 transformed into the elegant and distinguished Huntington Hotel. This work of art takes you back to a by-gone era where ladies wore long satin dresses and men only wore suits. Yet it still remained accessible to even our nomadic life.  As their saying goes 'classic hospitality & modern luxury'. 

We had a late flight into San Francisco and after a full day of transiting we were all tired. As we entered the hotel, the doorman was polite and courteous, the front desk check-in staff prompt and efficient and it was not long before we were in our new suite taking in the magnificent views and sinking into our plush, warm beds.



When the morning came the views were even better. Outside our window was a beautiful, historic cathedral and the whole city spread out around us. You could almost hear in the wind the welcoming sounds of the city.


The room was very spacious with two beds, a sofa, coffee table, writing desk and a vast bathroom setup with L'Occitane bathroom products. It’s not every day we sit in the lap of luxury and The Huntington Hotel was certainly luscious and divine. The kids favourite feature of the room was definitely the complimentary chocolates on the pillows. Somehow the sweets disappeared without a trace within seconds of us arriving in our room each day.


Prominently featured next door, with easy access through the lobby, a beautifully intimate pool and spa is available to hotel guests and public alike. It is only for ages 16 and up, so regrettably I never had a chance to use the facilities since our kids are 3 and 4, but I can tell you this place would be a couple’s dream getaway. My quick peek in revealed a bright berry room with floor-to-ceiling windows, a roaring wood fire, infinity pool, refreshments and a balcony perfect for catching sunrays or watching San Francisco from above.




The next day we started off early on a day of adventure around San Francisco (you can read about it here). The hotel is conveniently located just a couple blocks, walking downhill, to the nearest streetcar station. These run fairly regularly, around every 10 minutes, depending on the time of day. The perpetually pleasant doorman at the hotel gave us some helpful tips about the area. It was clear he was very knowledgeable on everything San Francisco which always makes a visit for a first-timer, like us, all that much smoother.

The following day we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the Huntington Hotel’s award-winning Big 24 restaurant, which was tangibly tasteful in both food and style. The service was impeccable as my eggs benedict came out underdone and they immediately whisked it away to be replaced with a sincere apology. From the décor to gentle ambient music, the restaurant was congruent with the hotel’s timeless refinement.



Our stay at the Huntington Hotel was not an ounce short of splendid. When you’re in San Francisco and looking for a distinguished hotel to make your visit even more memorable, this is the place to be.

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