Bali’s Best Sunday Brunch: Sheraton Serves Up Kuta’s Only Market Brunch

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I pinched myself. Am I back in Las Vegas? I don’t remember flying there.

Then a friendly Balinese lady dressed in a brightly coloured sarong, with deep brown eyes and dark hair pleasantly reassured me to go sit down. There’s no need to worry about your children, they are in good hands.

Where am I?

Where Is It?

The gigantic Market Brunch is located at Feast, Sheraton. Conveniently situated across the road from the famous Kuta Beach. So after pigging out you can spend the rest of your Sunday afternoon lazying on the beach catching rays, or just catching waves. 

It also happens to be directly next-door to the Beachwalk shopping mall so if the beach is not your style, escape the heat with retail therapy or a movie. 

What Is It?

Every Sunday the Sheraton puts on Kuta’s only market brunch. From 12pm to 3pm Feast restaurant opens its doors to hotel guests and public alike for an extravagant yet leisurely, luxurious Sunday afternoon brunch. 

I won’t get picky about “brunch” being a combination of breakfast and lunch, with this brunch being held after midday. The traditional gastronomic rules obviously don’t apply on Sundays, especially in Kuta ;-)

You might mistake this unique dining event as a grandiose buffet in Las Vegas. There were so many tasty choices, with a dozen chefs under the experienced hand of Executive Chef Rossano Renzelli creating fresh dishes right in front of my eyes.

What really makes this brunch different from any other is the market aspect. The international-themed brunch is hosted alongside a small open-air market positioned at the front of the restaurant not only showcasing delicious local and international cuisine, but handmade crafts and services from local farmers, artisans and vendors.

The buffet offers truly international cuisine stretching from pasta, to souvlaki, stir-fries to ribs, together with salads, traditional Indonesian food and, of course, a feast of desserts. I can’t even begin to describe it. I’ll just let these photos do the talking.

Yes, there was even popcorn!

My biggest problem was where to start. After a while I realised this was matched by my second biggest problem - when to finish? Both were daunting and I’m sure I ate more than my fair share without putting a dent on the colossal buffet. 

You may have enjoyed a brunch buffet before… but did it have this?

Kids Only Please

Near the back of the restaurant (possibly to avoid escapees) was a kids-only section. Special kiddy-sized tables and chairs for little people along with a large, colourful rug littered with fun toys and dedicated staff.

Yes, you can sit your kids down here and they will have supervision and fun. Our kids made cookies, did crafts and ate all they could with barely a peep tossed in our direction.

The friendly staff at the back door were on scout duty and dutifully stopped my son from bolting out the door a few times. The front doors that open to the street and beach also have two staff members opening and closing the doors, equally vigilant about little feet.

Next to the play area was a low round table filled with creative, colourful children’s dishes. Not just time-tested favourite foods like burgers and hot dogs, but edible mice (made of vegetables) and other such creative plates that sneakily convinced kids to eat healthy food in a fun, interesting way. Very smart!

That’s Fine For The Kids, Will I Be Bored?

Well if you aren’t a big eater (or a big drinker) then you can still enjoy the various other displays.

Outdoors a live band was playing top 40 and classic hits. I listened while lounging on one of the many couches spread around overlooking the white sandy beach with its leafy palms.

Next I was in line for my very own caricature. I had always wanted one of these and included in the buffet price, how could I resist? In fact my arty 6-year-old also wanted to be immortalised as a cartoon as well. 

But I Brought My Dog?

What’s that? You were taking a relaxing walk with your dog and happened to spot the brunch? Well, there is dedicated staff member on hand to take care of your pet outside, while you enjoy your brunch.

We managed to befriend a few, so cute! 

There Has To Be Something More!

I was convinced. This was quite possibly the best brunch I’ve ever had. I reclined behind the dining table, hands over my growing stomach, thinking about napping by the swimming pool when a staff member approached me, “Excuse me Miss, would you care to shop for your groceries?”


I blinked rapidly, waking from my daydream and followed the smiling lady to a section of the restaurant where crisp fresh fruit and fresh vegetables spilled out of well-presented wooden crates.

It turned out that every person who enjoys the brunch takes home 1kg of their choice of fruit and vegetables in a bright pink cloth bag. If you need more than your allowance, no problems. You can purchase at local market prices - no inflated hotel prices here.


How Much?

For 3 hours of eating to your heart’s content, including non-alcoholic drinks, plus the 1kg of groceries, the cost is:

IDR 333,000++ per adult; and

IDR 166,000++ for children ages 4 to 12.

The above price includes Illy iced coffees, Dilmah teas, fresh-squeezed juices and other soft drinks.

Looking for locally crafted beers, fine wines and signature cocktails then just add IDR 250,000++ for all-you-can-sip.

Or if you’re after something fancy, all-you-can-sip Duval Leroy Brut Champagne and wines can be added for IDR 500,000++ 

All prices are quoted in Indonesia Rupiah and are subject to 21% local government tax and service charge. At time of publication you can expect around 10,200 rupiah to AUD$1.00

Bonus Tip

Register for the SPG member card and you will receive a 30% discount! That’s a pretty decent saving.

Bonus Tip #2

Book a table in advance. This place is packed every Sunday so I would suggest you make a reservation ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Book online here.

Bottom Line

I’m already planning our next visit to Kuta from our villa in Ubud. The 2-hour drive there and back will be well worth it for this amazing brunch! I consider it a saving compared to the return flights to Las Vegas.

Make sure you don’t miss it on your next holiday to Bali. You’ll thank me afterwards.

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You are having the best time. Your website really gives people so much insite into places to explore in Bali. Great tips for when we visit there.

Ruth - Exploramum Jun 1st, 2015

Wow, it sounded amazing to start with and then just got better! If we ever get ourselves to that part of Bali we'll be there in a shot! x

Donna Jun 1st, 2015

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