New Fave: The Ubud Deli & Shopping For A Supermarket

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If you've stayed in Kuta the idea of a supermarket is easy. They even have hypermarkets with everything you can imagine. Ubud not so much. Thankfully recently the Coco Mart opened. This is an easily accessable, clean, 2 storey building - I'm pretty sure just built for tourists.

But it works. It has fruit vegetables, mossie repellant, pastries, cereals, ice-cream, etc. There is one whole isle dedicated to chips, one dedicated to biscuits (where you can find white chocolate timtams with cheese filling) and another isle dedicated to soft drink and alcohol. It has been our frequent supermarket over the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately the meat section leaes little to be desired and in the interest of our plain boring cheese sandwhichs we decided to source another source of meat. 

We came across the delightful Ubud Deli. Vegemite, fetta, olives, brie, home made really super fresh bread - amaazing. It was my first time driving and I found it relatively easy. A bit squishy on the roads at times, but ultimately quite freeing. It wasn't to far from us and the owner, Julia, introduced herself and was absolutely lovely. 

It was the first time I actually felt a little bit of home as Josh and I got some ham ($1.50 per 100g), fetta, brie ($5.50) and a warm loaf of sour dough. It was heaven! Not that I dislike my Nasi Goreng, it was just nice to have a piece of home :)

There are several other supermarkets dominating the market. The IndoMart is small and has tourist things like soft drink, chips, etc. The Dewata supermarket is similar, as is the Alfamart. 

When Josh and I visited our friends in Kuta last week we also visited the Bali Galeria Mall and it's hypermarket... You would think we have not been anywhere near a city in years the way we were in awe and in love with this giant supermarket - it had been just over a week since leaving Perth haha. But this thing was huge it had suitcases, clothes and shelves and shelves of food and drinks. Fell in love. 

I have yet to find a pharmacy in Ubud.... Anyone know about this?

New note: Just outside of Ubud, across the bridge is a super supermarket called Bintang. It has everything and more than Coco Mart by far. A great fresh produce section with vegetables, meat and fruit. Isles of food and personal products. We had a great shopping experience here and would recommend this over the Coco Mart for sure. Also upstairs is clothes, shoes and cheap bali souveniors.

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