Our Last Day in Hollywood: American Girl, Gap & Farmer's Market

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The jet lag was still getting us down a little bit.  Our 1st night we all woke at 2am bright as day. Our 2nd night 3am, our 3rd night 3am, our 4th night 4am. We had hopes it would be over soon if the current rate continued. We try and stay awake in the daytime now instead of all those naps. My hunger hasn’t caught up yet. Most days I eat nothing and am starving by midnight.

Our last day in Hollywood we decided to visit a few places I had wanted to stop on the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus, but never had time. La Brea Tar Pits & the Farmer’s Market. We packed all our bags and walked the couple of minutes to Hollywood Boulevard. 

How cool is the GAP?

My kids have been cold the last few days. Coming from Australian summer, to Asia tropics to LA winter has been challenging on our clothes. Especially my kids. Mia had one long sleeve shirt & one pair of leggings. Caius, at least had a jumper. So as we were walking towards the 217 bus stop on Hollywood Boulevard, just past the Chinese Theatre, and spotted GAP, we knew it was time to look at some clothes.

We don’t have GAP where I come from so the store is rather novel. Mia & I really enjoyed trying on new jackets and hats. We decided Mia would need a light jacket while here on the West Coast. She picked out a jacket, hat, gloves and jeans. We also got a jacket for our sleeping child, Caius. Set us back $77. 


Hollywood Farmer's Market

Finally once Mia was very happy we looked at our watches to see 20 past 11. Well there was no way we were making it to the tar pits today so we jumped on the 217 bus outside the Chinese Theatre straight to the Farmer’s Market, located at the corner of 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue. The Hollywood Farmers' Market in Los Angeles is an outdoor street market with produce and goods from local farmers, ranchers and vendors. About 90 farmers, 30 local artisans, and 30 baked goods stalls. The market started when a dozen nearby farmers would park their trucks on a field to sell their fresh produce to local residents. 

At the market we tried some Mexican nibbles and crepes. While spotting several other delicious restaurants. The Mexican was okay. The crepes delicious. 

American Girl Mums

While in line for the food we started talking to a mum who had a huge bag. Inside was this huge doll called American Girl. She told me where the store was and Mia and I decided while we were waiting we would take a look.

You should see this store… Or rather the mums of the girls in this store! The plain doll was $105. Then you have options to buy personalised clothes or have their hair done by the doll hairdressers, get their ears pierced… the list goes on.


Luckily Mia was not to taken with the giant dolls and we left fairly quickly.

Do you have one of these American Girl dolls? Why?


Before we knew it we had to get back to our apartment. We jumped in a cab, which dropped us off at our place. Climbed the stairs to grab our already packed bags and jump into another cab for the drive to Anaheim. The cheapest shuttle I found to Anaheim was $120, the cab driver gave us a discount and cost $100. We settled in for the hour plus drive very excited to be heading to Disneyland

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