Homewood Suites: New York Family Getaway Just Got Easier

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It’s not very often you can find space in Manhattan. With over 1.6 million people in this urban jungle island crammed like sardines into a density of 27,000 people per square kilometre, breathing room comes at a premium. Accommodation is typically tiny and families struggle to fit.

Then Homewood Suites by Hilton New York Midtown Manhattan Times Square-South asked me to stay and I found space to spare. In fact my hotel room had nearly 60% more space than the average in Manhattan.

The Room: Enough Space To Swing A Cat

I zapped my room key in the electronic lock and pushed open the door.

“Oh my, “ I whispered.

The room held a large king size bed, a sofa with table (that can also transform into a bed for the kids), a desk and chair and when I swung around the other way, also a kitchen. And I don’t mean a mini bar – I’m talking about a full-size fridge and freezer, hotplate, dishwasher and kitchen sink.

Finally, a New York hotel that was made for families.

The bathroom was still small, but the actual living area had plenty of room. Enough to swing a cat. 

The Location: An Easy Walk From Times Square

The day I checked in I only had a few minutes to drop off my bag, and was back out at conference sessions. Later that night my party finished and I found myself at an after party in a bar in Times Square. Remember, my kids and husband were enjoying themselves in Montreal.

It was midnight when I used the last 3% of my phone battery to pull up a map to get back to Homewood Suites. It was only a quick 3-block walk and I was there (always remember your spare battery charger in NYC). 


Even though I didn’t use the subway on this trip, it’s worth mentioning that Penn Station was only 2 blocks away.

The Facilities: Why It’s More Than Just A Hotel

Groceries: When I was poking around the kitchen one night I spotted a piece of paper. It was a form to fill in a request for groceries. Simply hand it to the staff and they will shop and deliver your groceries straight to your room, free of charge. You just pay the food costs. This is genius! What a time saver, especially when travelling and you don’t have time (or energy) to find a supermarket.

Breakfast: The room includes complimentary breakfast. And it wasn’t just pastries or luke-warm scrambled eggs. There were full breakfast biscuits, yoghurt and fruit, plus bagels and cream cheese. I’m not a fan of what the Americans call “biscuits”, which are really just scones, but I did love the fruit options with delicious Greek yoghurt. 

Free Wi-Fi: I can’t stand when hotels charge for Wi-Fi, but Homewood Suites was fast and free. I had some trouble connecting on my mobile, but one visit to the front desk and they had it up and running in seconds. Very handy for booking that Uber pick-up.

Space for you: Most Homewood Suites properties include a pool, however the New York one does not. Not surprising. Instead you will find a beautiful rooftop to sit and eat your $1 takeaway pizza or chat with friends. You’ll also find a modern fitness centre to work out, in case you didn’t do enough steps walking around the city. 

Laundry room: Every hotel needs a laundry. As a nomadic traveller this is quite possibly one of my favourite features. Less luggage is needed when you can just wash your clothes.

Thinking Of Families

It’s easy for a Manhattan hotel to focus on the businessperson or the single traveller. After all New York is not generally considered the most child-friendly city. But thank you Homewood Suites for thinking about families. 

We love New York and I am so excited to have somewhere I can now take the family. Somewhere I can wash their clothes. Somewhere we don’t have to take a subway or walk for miles. Somewhere where I can cook a meal (without searching out a supermarket) instead of feeding them $1 pizza.

Tell them I sent you. Or maybe I’ll see you there.

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Since Josh was in Montreal at the time with his camera, I had to make do with my smartphone. So apologies for my super glam snaps!

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