Why Is This The Most Popular Tourist Attraction In America?

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I’ll never forget that magical moment I ate my first peanut butter M&M’S chocolate. Standing in the heavenly scented M&M’S World in New York City in 2007. Although the store was busy and bustling, everything seemed in slow motion, the world around me faded, silence fell. The salty, the sweet. My life changed.

Why did we not have these in Australia?

So many choices of M&M’s

Since then we’ve been to several M&M’S World Stores across the globe – Las Vegas, New York, London, Orlando. That means we only have one left – Shanghai, you are on our list.

But did you know that the M&M’S World in Times Square, New York City is the most popular tourist attraction in the United States?

I mean, there is a ton of things to do in New York so how did M&M’S World become the top one?

It’s Easy To Find

With a prime location right in the heart of Times Square on Broadway you can’t miss this M&M’S World. It is the largest candy store in New York City and can’t help but spot it a mile away with its beaming billboard, and 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2) three-level glass-clad building. 

Tip: Consider staying at several of our favourite hotels nearby for easy walking access to M&M'S World. You can find one of our suggestions here. 

It’s Open All The Time

You can visit from 9am to midnight every day. Easy access, convenient hours, means thousands of visitors are pouring through the doors every day.

It’s Got Chocolate

And not just any chocolate. But a 50-foot (15m) wide, two-story-high "wall of chocolate" made up of an array of 72 candy-filled tubes. You can find so many different colours there will be no arguing over who’s eating the brown ones. Not only are the colours different, but you can find any number of specialty M&M’S including peanut, almond, peanut butter, pretzel, seasonal and more.

It’s Family Friendly

The M&M’S characters make an appearance here and our family loved cuddling up for a photo. They also have a “Color Mood Analyzer” that you jump on to find out what M&M colour you are. A highlight if you can find a quiet time when the scores of tourists aren’t all jumping on.

I’d love to see the New York World store bring in the 3D movie that we saw at the Las Vegas M&M’S World – my kids adored that and it was hilarious. I could just watch M&M’S ads all day, Yellow is my favourite. 

Make Your Own

Las Vegas, New York and London are the only stores that have a special printer so that you can create your own personal message on an M&M candy. If Josh ever proposed again I’d want it to be on an M&M. You can put an image, words, or whatever you like, and it only takes about 2 minutes. New York is the only place you can print a picture of your own face on an M&M chocolate.

You Can Buy Something That Lasts

While a handful of M&M’S can disappear with a few bites, we loved the merchandise on display at M&M’S World. My daughter has been carting her green M&M’S backpack around the world for years. For my son’s 1st birthday party we decided to do a blue party and the blue M&M shirts were the perfect addition. And this summer they are introducing an Americana collection! Personally I can’t stop from buying anything Star Wars related… for my son, of course. 

It’s A Trusted & Time-Tested Brand

M&M’S have been around for 75 years. And this year they are hosting a year-long celebration for all the fans around the world. You can call me a fan for sure. I am totally prepared to #CelebrateWithM. 

It’s Free

Entrance to M&M’S World and all of its exciting features is free. What more could you want? The whole family will love visiting and you will love shopping. Beware… it may be free to enter, but you quite possibly won’t leave without spending some money. 

After all, who can resist a handful of M&M’S?... especially the peanut butter ones!

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