The Secluded Natural Getaway You Know You Need

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Sometimes life gets hectic.

Sometimes we find ourselves yearning for simplicity.

Sometimes a destination provides a desperately-needed escape from suburbia’s mundane and mayhem.

Nestled along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, you will find Liscomb. A place where locals have never left and tourists rarely come. A place, as we discovered, where getting reacquainted with nature quickly becomes second nature.

Where To Stay

We stayed at the Liscombe Lodge. It’s a nature lover’s dream destination. We were invited to share a room in a cottage. Cottages have 4 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and one common living area. During our visit we were lucky to have the whole cottage to ourselves.

View from cottage of Liscomb River
Resort reception and restaurant

The cottage sat on the high grassy bank of the Liscomb River offering gorgeous woodland views from our porch and living area. You could often find me curled up on the couch early in the evening with the roaring fireplace, reading a book and occasionally glancing out the window through the trees to the river.

The Lodge has everything you could want in a secluded nature getaway. From the lush, green forest to the bubbling rapids of the Liscomb River.

What To Do At Liscombe Lodge?

At the Liscombe Lodge we found plenty of activities to keep the kids amused. That’s right, there was no complaining about being in nature here.

Of course the indoor pool was a highlight for my kids, but the fully equipped games room was like their second home. I don’t mean video games; I mean real games. Foosball, shuffleboard, table tennis, hula hoops, giant chess, as well as outdoor tennis courts. 

While Josh and I ate in the on-site restaurant our kids were upstairs in the loft happily playing board games and reading books. The whole place is built to entertain in the simplest and most natural of ways.

Other activities we enjoyed included a guided hike along a forest trail, getting up close to the rapids. We also really enjoyed the river boat tour, and the kids even got to steer the boat! We had the opportunity to chat with the lovely captain who had been working at The Lodge for over 40 years. Fascinating stories! There were even fun hands-on activities made up for the kids from building bird houses and bird feeders to toasting gooey giant s’mores by the roaring fire

Hiking in the forest
Bird feeder

Is There Plenty To Eat?

Liscombe Lodge offers a convenient dining area with glorious views over the river. Multiple bird feeders sit outside attracting a wide variety of birds that we watched through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

You can find meals as simple as pancakes and as fancy as freshly caught lobster and salmon. Both were fairly new foods for the kids so Liscombe took the time to show us how to prepare both... the local way.

Our kids thoroughly enjoyed watching the preparation, cooking and unshelling of the lobster. But not so keen on the taste (yet). Josh had a whole lobster and said it was the best he’s ever tasted. Afterwards our kids made quick work of the delicious create-your-own strawberry shortcakes for dessert.

Salmon planking is a cooking technique long-used by Native Americans which involves placing the prepared salmon on a soaked cedar board and letting it be gently warmed and smoked for more than an hour in front of an open fire. Josh loved the tender, juicy fish, especially with the secret Canadian ingredient added to it – maple syrup! If you try only one dish here – make sure it’s the planked salmon.

We ate at the on-restaurant throughout our stay and they offered a wide selection of tasty Canadian and international dishes from ribs to poutine.

Tip: If you want to head into Sherbrook Village for lunch one day, I suggest eating at the very kid-friendly Beanie’s Bistro. A quirky and local café filled with stories and good, honest food. I wished we could have stayed longer to listen more of the intriguing owner’s tales! 

Things To Do Beyond Liscombe Lodge

The Soap Company of Nova Scotia

A visit here is like visiting a long-lost relative. You immediately feel warm, welcome and loved. The founder and owner, Leigh, was so inviting and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing a morning in her barn making soap. She lovingly guided us through each step of the creation process and we got to craft our own unique scent of soap.

While we waited for the soaps to cool and set she showed us around her beautiful home and garden, sharing her inspiring story. By the time we left we felt like we had gained a loving aunt rather than meeting a creative soap lady.

Sherbrooke Village

Remember when I talked about going back to a simpler time. If you feel you are still have not made it after a stay in the secluded nature of Liscombe Lodge then check out Sherbrooke Village, where you will literally step back in time.

On arrival our kids dressed up in 19th century costumes. Mia in a long, flowy dress with long stockings and Caius in a very cute suit and hat. Boy, did they look adorable!

Once they were dressed for the part, our dear guide (who was also dressed in period wear) took us on a walking tour around Sherbrooke Village, a magical Nova Scotian town set in 19th century – 1860 to pre-WW1.

The village consists of approximately 80 buildings, 25 of those are original heritage buildings open to the public and showcasing blacksmiths, potters, weavers, printers and more.

Our kids gained a real hands-on history experience by participating in a woodwork shop, attending an 1860’s school and making their very own butter – by hand!

It was one of the most enjoyable, educational experiences we’ve had in our many years of worldwide travel and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

All I want to know is can I dress my kids like that all the time? So cute!

Tasting our own hand-churned butter – yum!

The Bottom Line

There is something magical about connecting with nature… it really makes any well-earned vacation complete.

Our time at Liscombe Lodge recharged our batteries. And not the electronic kind.

My soul was soothed, reenergised, revitalised. The iconic unhurried Nova Scotian pace of life, combined with serene natural surroundings is a match made in heaven for the overworked and over-stressed. And I couldn’t help but walk away from this beautiful place feeling like a brand new me.

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