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Where To Eat On The Greek Islands: Ios

During our visit to the Greek islands I’d have to say the food was some of the best we’ve tasted anywhere in the world… absolutely divine! So we put together a little list of all the places we tried so when you come to visit the heavenly paradise that is the Greek Islands, your belly may also share the extraordinary delight. Be prepared to be full, really full, chock full. The Greek certainly know hospitality!

Ios is widely regarded as the party island of the Cyclades, however it certainly is very family friendly as well. As such, the cuisine in tourist-centric locations are often aimed at delivering a taste of home wherever the tourists may come from. But if you know where to look, there are classic Greek food gems to be found.

What you have to find on Ios -

We didn’t find particularly unique food on this island, but cocktails on Mylopotas beach at sunset is a must. But since I didn’t take any photos of cocktails at sunset, here’s just a beautiful sunset instead at The Mills restaurant.



The Nest @ Chora

Nestled in the heart of Chora was this traditional Greek restaurant complete with fellow Aussie customers. We tried the grilled eggplant, Greek salad, grilled stuffed tomatoes, fried cheese, and fried chic pea balls with the most delicious creamy olive dipping sauce. The unique wall decoration is made of money, literally. Colourful coins and notes from all over the world. If you are looking for authentic white and blue Greek buildings and narrow walkways, this is your place.





Escape @ Chora

The Greek join forces with the Irish. The stuffed bread is delicious, if a tad bit salty. We also enjoyed the Cleopatra salad and leek pie. The restaurant design is gorgeous and beachy, and conveniently located next to the walking patch that joins Chora with the port.





Meze Meze @ Port

This place specialises in seafood, which we don’t eat often. But we did get to try the majority of their meze along with home made pita. The fish egg dip was surprisingly addictive. 



The Mills Restaurant @ Mills Square

This spot is high up, on the top of Chora. The sunset was the most beautiful and unique we’ve seen. The oldest restaurant in the town comes complete with a shot of local liqueur along side the owner at the end of your meal.


Next stop in the Greek island food tour… Paros

Or perhaps you are heading to Milos, Kythnos or Sifnos?

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Posted by Dmitry on
Very true. Greek food is very good almost anywhere you go. Especially more local less touristy spots. Even the ones that didnt look like much from the outside, when we stopped by on our sightseeing, had some great food. All the vegetables are fresh and meet is good.
Posted by Karin on
Yum yum yum again
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