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Where To Eat On The Greek Islands: Paros

During our visit to the Greek islands I’d have to say the food was some of the best we’ve tasted anywhere in the world… absolutely divine! So we put together a little list of all the places we tried so when you come to visit the heavenly paradise that is the Greek Islands, your belly may also share the extraordinary delight. Be prepared to be full, really full, chock full. The Greek certainly know hospitality!

With over half a million tourists visiting each year, Paros caters to a very wide range of tastes. The best food treasures are usually found off the tourist trail, in the smaller towns. So asking a local where their favourite place to eat is a good way to start your food journey.


Paros Land Hotel @ Aliki

We ate the majority of our meals at this hotel. And it’s talented 23-year-old chef is creating masterpieces in the kitchen. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, go and try the food. You’ll be glad you did. The tasty twists on traditional Greek dishes will leave you licking your plate clean.




Periorexius @ Parikia

This would not be my choice to eat at. The food was not particularly fresh and below the high standard we’d experienced on other Greek islands. I suggest trying another nearby café to eat at.


Wooden Oven

In the middle of nowhere is this iconic and well-known bakery. It served some of the best ice cream we’ve had in a long time. Huge servings and great prices. You’ll also find some magical cakes and pastries here.




And that’s a wrap!

Greek cuisine has definitely moved up on my list of favourite cuisines, maybe even competing for the top spot. The flavours are fresh, vibrant, bold and honest. Interestingly enough, the smaller and less visited islands offered some of our favourite dishes of the trip. The smaller kitchens in family-operated restaurants, sourcing produce from their own farm or other local farmers, tended to be the places where the most amazing traditional Greek food could be found.

One thing is for certain when you visit any of the Greek islands, you won’t walk away hungry, that is if you can still walk at all.

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