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Stepping Back In Time At King John’s Castle, Limerick

Fresh from a major facelift launched in June 2013, this iconic landmark in Limerick, Ireland has been turning heads (for all the right reasons). So we had to find out what was going on and had the opportunity to visit this popular destination on our Irish road trip. And I’m glad we did!

From the moment we walked through the doors fun and adventure awaited around every corner, starting with an irresistible stand-behind-the-board style funny photo op.

The visitor’s centre weaves a rich story about the events that unfolded around the region. Built over 800 years ago, this castle has gone through development, sieges, wars and turbulence, and has stood the test of time. The exhibits provided a fun and interactive way to learn about the history of the castle and incredible stories that unfolded here in Limerick.

The organisers have done a really outstanding job in balancing education and entertainment, connecting with toddlers, children, teens and adults alike.

Some of the kids favourite exhibits (if you could call them that), were build-a-block archways, costume dress-up and arcade-style canon shooting blocks.



Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games. An informative video featuring 3D animation and re-enactments told the stories of King John’s Castle in a relevant way.


The indoor exhibits finished by passing through the excavated tunnels below the castle and out into the central courtyard. Exploring through the buildings around the edge of the courtyard, the kids discovered a 3D jigsaw of the castle as well as shields, helmets and other armour.




Climbing to the top of the tower provided unparalleled panoramic views of Limerick and River Shannon.



There was a gift shop and café conveniently located near the exit.


Handy tip: to save a few Euros you can book your tickets online (kids under 5 are free). Perhaps you’d also like to add Bunratty Castle to the day to make a full day of Limerick castles.

Erin and I learned a lot about the tumultuous and fascinating history of King John’s Castle and the kids had an absolute blast. A win for everyone!

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Posted by Jess on
This looks like so much fun! I like the combination of the fun, interpretive exhibits with the actual history.
And those little faces in the chain mail and helmets are adorable.
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