Melia White House: Sophistication In London And The Smart Elevator

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An elevator with no buttons, but can take you wherever you want to go. Now that’s smart. Either that, or I’m in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

After hostelling her way around Europe, I decided my little sister needed a bit of luxury on her very first round the world trip.

Located in Regent’s Park, less than a minute walk from the Great Portland Street tube station and next to an Original Tour Hop-On-Hop-Off bus stop, is the lavish 4 star deluxe hotel, Melia White House.

As soon as we walked through the revolving glass doors into the spacious reception area filled with twinkling chandeliers and shiny gold handrails, it was obvious we made the right selection.

The queue for checking in was relatively long, however the staff moved fairly quickly through each person. After receiving our room keys we were pointed in the direction of the elevators with instructions.

What? Why do we need instructions for an elevator?

A Smart Elevator

In front of the elevator was a large keypad. We typed the number 5 and it showed a letter. There were 4 elevators: A, B, C & D. We stepped into the elevator with the letter indicated and looked for the buttons inside. There were none. Intuitively, it knew our floor and took us straight there. Genius!

Our room was a generous size, clean and splashed with simple yet sophisticated décor. There was an in-room safe, quality bathroom products and pillows as soft a fluffy baby duck. Oh and look at that luxe headboard!

Mouth-Watering Spanish Cuisine At L’Albufera

 Rhiannon and I freshened up and made our way downstairs to the popular fine dining restaurant, L’Albufera.

We were seated at a table with a crisp white tablecloth and greeted kindly by our Spanish host. He explained various aspects of the menu and left us to our decisions.

Gee, it was hard to choose.

The menu oozed sophistication and made my mouth water, literally. It really was a tough choice, but with the help of our very knowledgeable waiter, we finally made our selections. All items are hand made by the Chef with his own unique twist.

Entrée: Garlic Prawns and Breaded Beef

Main: Steak Filet and Suckling Pig

Dessert: Churros and Lemon Posset with Almond Crumb and Passion Fruit Foam

The bread was served on a side dish with black olives. The waiter selected a recommended wine to complement our dishes.

Every bite was worth savouring, a delight to the taste buds. The churros were special Spanish ones that were super soft in the centre and the only thing, while happy to try, wasn’t quite to our liking. My lemon posset with passion fruit foam was to die for and the perfect end to a 5 star meal.

Extremely content, we headed back to the smart elevators (once again looking for the keypad) and headed to our room. The turn down service had tucked a chocolate on the pillow along with the TV remote on the covers. The blinds had been drawn and all we had to do was fall into the feathery soft cradle of our beds. Bliss!

Breakfast At The Place

With no kids and no early morning sunlight I was surprised at my 9am sleep-in. Still full from dinner, we headed down to breakfast to take a look and were immediately compelled into a delicious buffet breakfast at The Place.

Eggs, pancakes, cereals, pastries, fruit, yoghurt. There was nothing lacking, except real fresh orange juice and a good cup of coffee.

The Level

The next morning we decided to try the breakfast at the club lounge, The Level. This was fairly similar to The Place, just a little more private and quiet. Plus two added perks of real orange juice and real coffee. What is more delectable than fresh OJ for breakfast?

The Level is a private club lounge that guests can pay extra for. It includes private check-in and checkout, as well as an exclusive breakfast area.

You can also come throughout the day for complimentary drinks, pastries and fruit. In the evening between 6pm and 8:30pm they provide complimentary tapas, and alcoholic drinks through to 10:30pm.

On our second night at the hotel we tried the tempting tapas. Melting cod with tartar sauce, hummus with falafel, crispy chicken pieces with curry sauce and more.

I highly recommend The Level; it was the ultimate indulgence and provided the privacy Rhiannon had been craving, since sharing her room with 6 – 10 girls during her earlier trip around Europe.

A Wonderful Surprise

On our final morning at Melia White House I promised Rhiannon a small surprise. As I continued to delay our shopping expedition that morning she started to get frustrated. Just as we headed towards the front doors, in walked my handsome husband and two beautiful kids.

What a reunion! It had been over 6 months since she last saw them and it was a joyous occasion that I will remember for a long time, set inside the extravagant lobby of Melia White House.

Josh and Caius had a rest in my hotel room while Rhiannon, Mia and I zoomed through Oxford Circus on a fast-paced shopping trip. We raced back to our room, packed our bags and headed back down the smart elevators one last time.

Running slightly behind schedule, Josh kindly offered to checkout for me at The Level while we raced to the underground station.

Melia White House fulfilled more than one wish during our stay. Privacy, delectable delicacies, fast Wi-Fi, ultra soft beds, and a jubilant reunion. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, make sure you book a table at L’Albufera while in London for a divine dining experience. However, if you’re lucky enough to stay a few nights in this magnificent hotel, it will certainly be a holiday highlight – if not for the luxury or food, then definitely for the smart elevator.

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Oh this looks divine! I am picturing the willy wonka elevator taking you where ever you want to go. How cool!

Heidi Wagoner Jul 22nd, 2014

Oh my word Benders, that looks devine! The sort of hotel my husband normally works in London actually. You lucky things.

Alyson Jul 22nd, 2014

What a beautiful hotel; the food looks lovely! Sadly we can only dream of such luxury :)

Amy Jul 22nd, 2014

As luxurious as the hotel was, the reunion with my gorgeous niece and nephew and Josh was the best part!

Rhiannon Jul 22nd, 2014

Nice to have a spot of luxury after roughing it for a while - makes you appreciate fluffy pillows and fragrant bath amenities so much more :-). The hotel sounds lovely...

Sand In My Suitcase Jul 24th, 2014

this was my first hotel in london stay in 1988 - great memories and wonderful location to explore the city

Suzanne V Jul 24th, 2014

After hosteling through Europe, this must have felt like the Taj Mahal!! Wow! Looks perfect in every way! We will certainly look them up next London trip...

What Boundaries Travel Jul 26th, 2014

Really looks like a nice place to stay. I've never heard of a smart elevator before.

BellaVidaLetty Jul 26th, 2014

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