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Qbic London: Quirky, Fun And Eco-Friendly

When you walk into Qbic London there is a note on the floor “Oh no, not you again!” And somehow the sarcasm, in a strange and quirky way, makes you feel right at home. 

After an epic journey from Budapest I was so glad to be arriving at Qbic. Located in the hip neighbourhood of Shoreditch, across from a park and close to tube stations Aldgate, East Aldgate and Whitechapel.

Considering Jack the Ripper was a nearby visitor, the location could be considered scary by some or an edgy East London oasis by others.

The check-in desk was a hole in the wall and the staff got me checked in faster than buttering a piece of toast.

I went up the elevator, opened the door to my room and my jaw dropped. I couldn’t decide whether the giant homely cook decal on the wall made me feel entirely at home nestled in a mother’s warm embrace or whether she was going to give me nightmares of being smothered in her heaving bosoms. Definitely quirky.

The room was distinctly square and decorated with unique handmade pieces of furniture you are not likely to find anywhere else. In fact, you won’t, since they work with a local designer who makes the pieces especially for the hotel. My favourite was the lamp at the end of the bed crafted from a yellow coiled, contorted garden hose.

Behind the room was a square bathroom fitted with what could be considered the king of showerheads. My perennial favourite, the rain showerhead that felt like a torrential blast of rain from the sky.

While the Qbic is funky and fun and extreme value for money, you could be mistaken to expect that the bed would be ordinary. It was anything but. Qbic does all things differently, including the bed. Oh, that bed! It was a locally made Naturalmat, a sustainable sumptuous bed. The mattress was handmade from organic material (including coconut fibre and recycled denim), topped with a organic wool mattress topper and then quilted with a fitted cotton layer to stop the bits underneath moving. There’s nothing better than sinking into a super comfy bed at the end of the day, and Qbic have got this down pat.

And to make this bed even better there was an big LCD TV at the end of it.

Oh yes, it was a gorgeous night at the Qbic.

The next morning we felt even more spoilt with their ample breakfast selection. Croissants, cereals, toast, coffee, but more importantly real orange juice – a hands-down winner in my eyes, I can’t stand that fake cordial stuff.

The bamboo plates and bowls felt almost too good to throw away, but everything about Qbic is eco friendly. From their recycled plates to their LED lighting to the motion sensor light switches in the hallways.

On top of all this they FoodCycle, giving out-of-date food to the homeless. They really sound too good to be true, right?

The location was the only worry for me, since I was travelling without my 6’9” giant, but we did wander around late at night meeting no troubles.

The crew were happy to hold my luggage the next day, after I checked out, as we toured around London. The whole experience left me with an upbeat and memorable impression of Qbic and I would absolutely love to stay in one of their other locations.

As a seasoned traveler, they tick all my boxes, especially with free fast Wi-Fi.  If you’re looking for a hotel with personality, that really cares about the environment and looks after the local community, then Qbic is the place to stay. I won’t forget it anytime soon, especially those heaving bosoms.

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Posted by Alyson on
I loe the look of this place, I'd never heard of them, we must give them a go! Thanks Erin.
Posted by Kerry Ascione on
I would have no problem staying there myself! The bed LOOKS really comfortable and that and cleanliness are of utmost importance to me. The fun decor is great, I love it!
Posted by [email protected] pauls on
Last month I was Qbic hotel, My room and morning breakfast was good. Not that much i was expected.. this hotel was only option for me, due to trip canceled i stayed there..
Posted by lux on
artistic, quirky, and i just added this to places i want to visit. :)
Posted by Elena on
So unique-- as much as I love posh and elegant...this looks like great fun!
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