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New York City


Phase #1: Toured Eastern Canada for over one month.

Phase 1

Phase #2: A little under one month in the Midwest USA.

Phase 2

Phase #3: Made our way from Oregon to Vancouver, Canada.

Phase 3

Phase #4: Discovered Western Canada with a quick side trip to Alaska.

Phase 4

Phase #5: Drove more than 5,500 km from British Colombia to New York.

Phase 5

Phase #6: Escaped the winter from New York to Florida.

Phase 6

Phase #7: South by Southeast

Phase 7

Phase 8: Grand Circle (Part I)

Phase 8

And a wrap-up of the whole trip in 1 article

All the phases

Articles By Region:

Driving through Alberta, Canada

The Plan:

This was a map of our planned route before we started. Read the full article...


What Actually Happened:

We did a pretty good job sticking to our original plan, with a few unexpected detours and side-trips. Read the full article...

motherofallroadtrips overview map

Tips, Reflections & Inspirations:

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

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