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With 65+ countries under my belt I’ve often been asked what my favourite country is and we’ve long established we don’t have one. We have favourite experiences. But if somebody asked me where they should go on vacation, I’d assess their personality and their preferences, rather than choose my favourites. 

In fact I did a travel quiz yesterday on Bupa Travel Insurance, which determined an ideal destination based my personality. What did I get?

Relaxed and laidback in Fiji!

You’re sunny, easy-going, and love chilling out to watch the world go by. You’re laid-back but upbeat nature makes Fiji an idyllic travel scene, with relaxation the most important aspect of your trip. Swimming in a tropical lagoon, getting a tan poolside, or snorkelling with dolphins are all that’s on your to do list for your next holiday.

Check it out and tell me your result in the comments below.  Plus if you do the quiz Bupa Travel Insurance is offering you the chance to win a holiday to experience one of nine travel scenes, including a Bupa Travel Insurance policy, and a unique experience to help you have a happier, healthier holiday*. 

What’s My Recommendation For You?

Josh and I brainstormed a few ideas based on common personalities and preferences we recognised and destinations that would be the best match. So without further ado here is Travel With Bender’s choice for you:

Parties & Fun… Greece

If you love a good party, enjoy loud voices and smashing plates. If you like to have fun and enjoy a good night out and a relaxing day at the beach to recuperate, then our choice for you is the Greek Islands.

From delicious, bold flavoured food, to vibrant restaurants and friendly locals that know how to throw a good party, you can’t go wrong with Greece. 

Quiet & Relaxed… Australia

If your type of holiday involves reading on the beach, BBQ dinners at home, and walking through towering trees, then you should head to Australia. Australia is quite pricey for dining out so dinner at home is a great way to save money, choose a vacation rental on the beach or in the Australian outback, and you have a dreamy, relaxing holiday. 

History & Educational… United Kingdom

When history calls your name you need a visit to the United Kingdom. From endless museums in London, to the ancient castles of Wales, there is history and an learning opportunities around every corner. And then in the evening spend a night by the fireplace reading classic English literature

Art & Romance… Italy

If your personality has you spending days painting (or admiring paintings), dreaming of love and romance, then head to Italy for inspiration. You can spend your days admiring paintings in the many rooms of the Vatican and your evenings dining in classic Italian restaurants overlooking the Colosseum under a pizza-pie moon sky. Now that’s amore! 

Luxury & Glamour… United Arab Emirates

When the more refined things in life are your calling card then fly to Dubai. You can buy gold bars in vending machines or spend days shopping in style at the Dubai Mall. With all that superlative luxury and glamour you might never return home. 

Whimsical & Fantasy… Finland

Do you find yourself counting down the days to Christmas? Do you wish for snow all year round? Then a trip to Rovaniemi in Northern Finland is where you should head for vacation. It’s where you can meet the real Santa Claus, take a ride with reindeers or huskies, and then grab a glimpse at the magical Northern Lights. 

Laid Back & Budget… Thailand

If backpacks and spontaneous adventure is your thing then consider a trip to Thailand. You can indulge your curious nature by eating exotic street food. Hotels and hostels are extremely cheap but more importantly you will fit right in with all the others in the city of Bangkok. 

Write a comment below and tell me which country you think best suits your personality, and also which one Bupa Travel Insurance matched for you.

And good luck winning that travel scene escape!

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Reader Comments...

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I'm pretty laid back kind of person, which means Thailand is my matching destination, which kind of make sense. I really do love Thailand.

Anca | Globaloud Oct 22nd, 2015

I got France in the quiz! apparently I'm sophisticated ;) But actually I would love to go to Italy - art, romance and food, sounds perfect.

Aga Oct 23rd, 2015

That is a great suggestion, Finland and Greece are the best place according to me..!!
Awesome post, thanks for suggesting all these places..!!

Kanchan Oct 23rd, 2015

I got "arty and offbeat in the UK"!

Kirstie Oct 25th, 2015

Iceland is best suited to me :D

Meg Jerrard Nov 2nd, 2015

Unlike you I do have favourite country and it's India. It's the most exciting and colourful country I've ver been to. And look what the quiz picked for me...
"Finding inner peace in India!
You’re calm and gentle nature means that you value balance and harmony in your life. What better scene than India to harness your yogi powers?...."

Kathryn Nov 23rd, 2015

I like the sound of whimsical and fantasy in Finland right now. I don't have a favourite country either - too many different reasons to love so many places :)

Suzanne Jones Nov 23rd, 2015

Greece I think.

Taksim Ultra VIP Apartments Dec 12th, 2015

I have been dreaming of going to Italy for decades but the fun of Greece draws me as well does the United Kingdom. I would be be pretty happy anywhere on vacation.

Melissa Sherman Mar 1st, 2016

I got India, which I dont think I want to visit actually. But Greece would be on my list, I already live in Australia, and travel that often, and I love Italy, UK esp London, the states, ( need to see more of them) and long for Finland and the rest of Scandanavia.

leonie Mar 6th, 2016

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