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Don’t Worry, We’re (Still) Not Selling Our Soul

Gee, a lot can change in 8 months! And since publishing our original “Don’t Worry, We’re Not Selling Our Soul” post our blog has continued to grow and evolve. In fact, our traffic has grown over 100% since then.

I wanted to be transparent about what changes we’re making and more of what you can expect in 2015 from us as we continue to be one of the world’s leading family travel blogs.


Welcome Viator

In addition to brand ambassador partnerships with Vanguard, Gleam, Viraltag and Travel Insurance Direct, we have now partnered with Viator, the world’s leading resource for finding and booking travel experiences. 

And travel experiences are what Travel With Bender is all about. 

We are proud of this association and in 2015 we look forward to joining Viator tours around the world and writing about our experiences, honestly as always. 



You might have noticed I recently added highly targeted display ads on our site. These are designed to be as personalised and relevant as possible. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of display ads in general and have been hesitant adding them in the past, but we now have enough visitors on to generate a reasonable income stream from ads. I will be reviewing the performance of these ads regularly to ensure they’re not getting in your way of a great experience. If you have any feedback about the ads, just let us know.



I’m very excited to share with you that our first book is in the works. It’s still very early days and we’ve slowed our travel schedule over the next few months so we can dedicate enough time to get this project wrapped up. I won't spill any other details yet, but stay tuned because when the book is launched we will be giving it away for free for the first 5 days and you don’t want to miss out!

We Love Pinterest

Over the last couple months we’ve been putting more time into our Pinterest presence so if you’re not following us already, now’s a good time! Feel free to re-pin our pins. You’ll find unique photos and content on our Pinterest account you won’t find on our blog. Naturally, these will be best suited to the tall image format that Pinterest is best known for.

2015-03-29 06.49.47 pm.png


Thank you!

Without our dedicated readers and social media followers we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. So thank you for trusting us and sharing our content with your friends and family. If you have any feedback on how we can make your experience better we’re all ears. Head over here to send your feedback or touch base with us on Facebook.

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Posted by Rhiannon on
Yay!! Great work guys! :)))
Posted by Kerwin on
It's all good; you have to keep the family fed :-). It's better than having the site disappear.
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