The Big Question: Can You Take Kids On A Holland America Cruise?

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We are going on a cruise!

Where to?


OMG! Who with?

Holland America Line.

What? Why?

This was a common response to the announcement of our cruise to Alaska in September with Holland America Line.

It had long been on my dream list. I yearned to visit Alaska and a cruise seemed like a fabulous way to see it. There were so many choices, but we left things really late and all of a sudden it was the end of the season with only 4 more ships heading to Alaska. Two of those were the Westerdam and Noordam.

So when Holland America suggested we take their final cruise of the season from Vancouver to Alaska aboard the ms Noordam, it fit in perfectly to our schedule. Alaska would be sandwiched between our archery tournament in sunny Spokane, Washington and a housesitting assignment in Kelowna, Canada. 

But like most of our readers, we were curious. Would Holland America be as family friendly as the other cruise lines we had enjoyed? They have a well-established reputation to be suited towards more mature guests, so we put them to the test.

Here's how Holland America rated on our 5 most important factors for a fabulous family cruise

1. Club HAL: Kids Just Want To Have Fun

Our kids' favourite part of any cruise is the kids club and yes, Holland America has one. Since school had started again and it was the last cruise of the season, our boat only had 5 children. However the cruise following ours from Vancouver to Seattle (on a weekend) was booked with over 200 kids. A few of the Alaska cruises during the summer vacation period had up to 800 junior members.

The kids club ran on a pre-planned schedule, which was provided to us each evening prior. The staff mentioned when we first met that it was going to be harder to run a few of the games and activities because of the lack of children. Mia and Caius found themselves in Club HAL alone most of the time, which they loved anyway. They were given lots of attention, were able to dictate some of the more fun crafts, and of course did not have to share the computer games.

Our kids enjoyed all the activities and Club HAL staff were always friendly and looked like they enjoyed being there too. Facilities were pretty good and well maintained.

There were only two real snags we found with Club HAL.

The first there was no food or drinks allowed in the Club, and that extended to water. Our kids complained regularly about being thirsty in the kids club and were told there was no water. We ended up sending water bottles to the club with the kids because of dehydration concerns. Most cruise ships disallow refilling water bottles from water dispensers due to overzealous hygiene concerns.

I did ask the senior child carer about giving the kids water and she was adamant that their policy disallowed all food and drinks. Now this is barely passable during the segmented 2-3 hour kids club sessions (although I personally think all kids need water more regularly to avoid dehydration). But if a parent is off-ship during a port day from 9am – 4pm (kids do get a lunch break) then this could really become a concern.

The second snag we hit was the segmented Club HAL hours. Most days the Club was open 9 – 11:30am, 1 – 4pm and 7 – 10pm. Port days it was 9am – 4pm and then 7pm – 10pm.

I have never encountered cruise kids club hours like this. Most cruise lines offer kids programs from 10am – 10pm. I found the hours frustrating. We had just dropped the kids off and relaxed in the hot tub when it was time to pick them up again. We also found dinner times a slight struggle because of the relatively late starting time.

I did ask staff if schedules were different on cruises with more kids and was informed this was standard hours.

Now for a regular family that are going on vacation to spend time with each other these enforced hours may be a great way to balance a little adult time with family time. But for Josh and I who spend every day with our kids, and looking forward to a little kid-free time, it was just frustrating. The kids didn’t want to have to keep leaving Club HAL and we didn’t want to only do a 2-hour activity.

2. Food, Glorious Food

The next most important thing on a family cruise... food! Since this was our 5th cruise we feel like we have a firm grasp on the range of cruise cuisine quality. Carnival served the same food in the formal dining room as the buffet. Royal Caribbean had a touch more quality. But Holland America surpassed both. 

On the Noordam there were only the two free options to eat at; Lido (buffet) and Vista (a la carte). An Italian restaurant called Canaletto required a $10pp cover charge which was reasonable considering the Michelin-star quality. 

And the aptly named Pinnacle delivered ultra fine dining for only an extra $29pp - a relative bargain. 

Kids adored all the eating venues, especially the Vista dining room with its crayons and hand-made origami animals by perpetually smiling wait staff. Our regular waiters remembered the kids' food preferences and were even happy to organise special off-menu dishes.

It's safe to say our kids rated the food on Noordam 10 out of 10.

You know you want to read more about the food! 

Sunset in the Vista restaurant

3. On-board Activities & Entertainment

There may not have been waterslides on board, but who would be using them in Alaska anyway? The ship was perfect for the region we were in. 

An indoor pool with 4 hot tubs, an outdoor pool with 2 hot tubs plus a hydrotherapy spa pool (at an extra cost). 

Chillin in the outdoor hot tub in Glacier Bay, Alaska

You have never truly lived until you soak in a steamy hot tub watching majestic glaciers in Alaska. Or if you want the full effect, try the Polar Bear Plunge like my husband and daughter. Yup, they jumped into the pool and then stood in the arctic wind for one whole minute at the back of the ship. Crazies!

Super cool!

Like most cruise lines Holland America provides plenty to do on board the boat other than the kids club. My kids enjoyed a game of shuffleboard, basketball, BINGO and even a cooking class or two. 

The nightly shows were excellent. Several acts straight from Las Vegas headlined the cruise, and the regular Noordam singers and dancers added their energetic shows to round off the 7-night cruise. 

4. The Crew

A large percentage of the staff on Holland America's Noordam was from Indonesia. As travellers who have been to Bali 10 times we know a little of the language and it was lovely to see their eyes light up when we spoke to them (albeit a bit rusty).

Each night at the Vista restaurant the kid’s entrees would be ready and waiting on the table when we arrived. The lovely Gede would rush over and hand them cute origami animals which induced smiles and giggles. 

Bambang, our room attendant, always had animal towels on the beds and kept the room spotless. He also loved asking the kids how their day was and interacted with them at every opportunity. 

Mia talked fondly of one of her kid’s clubs teachers. She couldn’t wait for each port day (I didn't get offended, sniff sniff). Although she did not want to get off the ship, she did want to see what port character would be making an appearance and get her photo taken – bear, eagle, polar bear, moose, etc. 

5. The Stateroom

We stayed in a Verandah Suite and I’d forgotten how small rooms were on cruises – just like New York! :D But what I liked about this room was that one bed was behind a curtain and the other was on top of us. Keeping the kids separate at bed times meant they fell asleep faster.

The floor-to-ceiling sliding door led to a private balcony which gave us stunning views each day. But what was equally impressive was the block-out curtains which helped our kids sleep in each morning. Ahhhh, peace and quiet!

Ample storage space and the bathtub rounded out our family's favourite features of the stateroom.

View from our private balcony

The Verdict?

Our cruise to Alaska left us really impressed with Holland America Line. The ship had beautiful indoor and outdoor viewing areas for enjoying the glaciers, the food was top notch and the staff were as polite and helpful as you could wish for. 

It's tricky to compare Holland America with other cruise lines. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

To sum up the style of Holland America - I'd liken it to the European vibe. It is classy, understated, and sophisticated without being ostentatious. It has an unshakable self-confidence with a reserved demeanour. Every aspect of the cruise experience focuses on quality over quantity.

So the big question is... can you take your kids on a Holland America cruise?

The answer is definitely yes.

Your young ones will feel at home just as much as any other guest. And as a parent, you can feel confident that your well-earned family vacation will be a trip of a lifetime.

Then when your friends ask "why Holland America?", you'll know what to say.

Reader Comments...

"I respond to every comment by direct private email. I look forward to your feedback" -

I did my first cruise on the Noordam several years ago in the Med. Had a wonderful time and really liked the ship and its facilities. I am married to a Canadian and definitely want to one day go to Alaska.

John Oct 14th, 2015

Holland America ships are gorgeous! Interesting about the kids club hours. I was under the impression that those types of morning, afternoon, evening hours were standard as that is what we had experienced on Holland America, Princess and Celebrity. If I remember correctly Celebrity was open over meal time hours but there was a fee for staying during that time. We have also sailed Disney but didn't use their kids facilities at all. I didn't realize that some lines had kids clubs open continuously from morning to late night.

Lisa Goodmurphy Oct 14th, 2015

Looks like a beautiful ship!

Bethaney Davies Oct 14th, 2015

I love cruising! I haven't taken the kids on one yet, but planning on it soon. That view from your dining room is awesome and the photo of your kids in the hot tub is adorable!!! I really want to take an Alaskan cruise and your post made me want it more!

Amanda Oct 16th, 2015

Just wanted to say THANKS, we are going on a HAL cruise and I just loved reading your blogs !!

Sandra Aug 18th, 2016

I'm so happy to see this post! We are sailing on the Noordam in June with our three, and are looking forward to a classier experience.

Lesli Jan 17th, 2017

We are taking our little ones with us this weekend for the 7 day. First time on HAL but based on your post looks like we will have a great time.

Mark Aug 22nd, 2017

Just did Holland America with a 3.5 to Alaska. The food was fabulous, the signature suite was a great size. But as for kid not really. The kids club may be great for older kids, (X Box) but younger kids..... I think there was some Lego to play with, that was it. The counselors had the personality of a wet noodle. We did get a babysitter one night and she was great. As for adult entertainment not a lot going on. I even spoke to a lady that her and her boyfriend were getting snippy with each other out of boredom. So safe to say never again at least with a kid.

Karen Jun 12th, 2018

Please, must everyone put up with other peoples children and they're bad behavior? The so-called parents don't know how to behave so how can the children know how to behave? I'm so happy to find Holland America, I try to book Adults Only if there is even such an option where I want to go.

moe Jun 15th, 2018

PS: Kids should not be in a Hot TUB!

moe Jun 15th, 2018

We love Club Hal!! Even with the reduced hours, we found it perfect for our FOUR kids aged 2-10 to play, pick up for lunch and eat as a family, swim, then sometimes a quick play in the afternoon to cool off. After dinner they sometime returned. We have done an 18 night and 10 night with Holland during the holidays and the kids were never bored. Staffed loved the kids. They got to know the names and preferences. We have cruised with Disney, RC and HAL and the kids LOVE HAL even without the kids theme areas!

To the person who thinks that Holland America is Adults Only - you are very wrong - maybe try Seaborne?. Holland actively markets to families and give some great offers to entice them onto the ship. Maybe it is time YOU find a true adults only ship or take the time to sit back and enjoy children and their innocence? Whatever works.

RB Jun 19th, 2018

We booked our Alaska cruise with Holland America based on these positive kids review. Club HAL was horrible. They split children based on 3 very wide age groups: 3-6, 7-12, and 12 and up. Our kids are 6, 7 and 8. They wouldn’t let them stay together. Programming was uncreative. The pools did not have a shallow end — they start at 4.5ft! All the entertainment was geared towards adults. Not child friendly at all! If you have young children, go with Disney!

Anhna Vuong Jul 3rd, 2018

thoughts or advice taking a 13 mo old at the time of the cruise? I posted on a FB forum and a bunch of elderly ppl responded rudely stating it is NOT a cruise line for small children and they would be a nuisance to everyone!

Rebecca Green Sep 1st, 2018

I've sailed on HAL 8 times now. Your comments are exactly what I've experienced time and again. In particular the food has gone from "good" to "great", they seem to have focused on it and it's paid off. Ditto with the service.

I'd be leery of taking young kids on a HAL cruise for the reasons you mentioned (occasional lack of other kids, Club HAL hours). Older kids, however, always seem to have a great time on the cruises I've been on. At least from what I can see. I'd probably go with Carnival for a similar amount of money.

To the comment above that says "Go with Disney" - Disney is 2-3 times the price that HAL is. Terrific if you have the budget but not everybody does. HAL is easily the best value for the money IF kids/family is not a major consideration.

Rob Edin Nov 24th, 2018

Folks must be reminded that babies/kids who aren't toilet-trained, those who are obviously too young to be toilet-trained, and those in a diaper of any kind (including "swim" diapers) are NOT allowed in cruise ship pools and hot tubs, including family pools and hot tubs. This is an industry-wide rule enforced by the CDC's VSP (Vessel Sanitation Program). So bring your baby or toddler if you must, but understand that there will be no pool time with them.

Toni Jun 1st, 2019

We had sailed 3times on HAL prekids........we just took our first post kids cruise with our entire family (3 kids) and my parents and brother and his family. They booked Royal Caribbean (we did a caribbean cruise and we had to do a 5 day option out of Tampa and that fit the bill). It was nice but HAL is definitely fancier and more upscale. The one thing I'll say is in response to a comment about HAL that Royal Caribbean was the same. 3 kids in 3 different age groups (I didn't even ask if they would allow them to be together...mine didn't even do the kids club), the shallow end of the pool was 5.7 ft. So there was no "shallow" end. They did have a kids pool but that was for very young kids (so for older kids they might have outgrown that) and a water slide. But their club hours were like that, they were broken into various shifts. (I guess I don't know what the options were on port days). But honestly Royal Caribbean sounded very similar to this. They DID have minigolf and a rock wall (although it was closed multiple times we wanted to due to winds so we only went once). But I think I'd try HAL with the kids next time. I think the ship is more upscale and a bit better quality. (The shows on Royal Caribbean weren't anything impressive at all, no chocolate buffet like was like chocolate cake things,etc.......nice but no comparison. And they seemed to nickel and dime you. Like the kids cupcake class was $35 per person! With 3 kids that seems ridiculous. In fairness since we haven't cruised on HAL for so many years things could have changed there but it seemed like they didn't have these add-on fees). I think I'd like to try Alaska and think I'd do HAL as that is their specialty. My main concern is motion sickness as 2 of mine are sensitive.

y Dec 9th, 2019

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