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Are you travelling to Bali with kids? You’re in the right place.

3 years ago we wrote about 10 things to do with kids in Bali. Since then we have stayed longer, explored deeper, soaked up more sights and racked up our 10th visit. We have written about where to stay, how to get your visa and what to eat, but I think it’s high time we filled you in on the many more attractions Bali has to offer.

In no particular order, here’s our favourite things to do in Bali with kids - and remember this list is still just a small taste of what is available to do in Bali …

1. Waterbom Park

One of our favourite water parks anywhere in the world, and rated as the best in Asia by TripAdvisor. You can spend all day in this lush paradise and never run out of things to do.

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2. Splash Waterpark

This might not be Waterbom, but for kids under 8 this is the perfect-sized waterpark. You can literally lie on your comfy lounge chair and keep an eye on your kids across the whole waterpark.

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3. Bounce trampolining

Book the kids in for an hour at this indoor trampoline centre, while you watch from above. They can attempt the wall climb, play dodge or jump into a foam pit.

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4. Cubby House Kids Club

Beachwalk Mall in Kuta offers a public kids club, but so does Canggu Club. This Cubby House Kids Club is a very well equipped kids club where you can drop in your kids on a casual basis. They will be amused with toys, painting, computer games, dress ups - the list is endless. Adults can head over to the other side of the Canggu Club for a swim, gym workout, free Wi-Fi or lunch.

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5. 10-pin bowling

Brand new on the Bali scene, at Strike you can bowl to your hearts content in this new indoor 10-pin bowling alley. Of course there are bumpers for kids (or adults!). A cool way to spend a hot afternoon.

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6. Stay in a family-friendly hotel

Whether you are after fun on the beach or a jungle experience, there are so many family-friendly hotels in Bali. Our favourites: Grand Mirage Resort, Nusa Dua or Sheraton, Kuta.

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7. Cinema

Relatively new to Bali, cinemas are popping up everywhere. There might not be a lot of variety, but you can cool off in one of these modern cinemas. Check in at Beachwalk Mall in Kuta or the kids will enjoy Paradiso in Ubud which shows children’s movies daily at 5pm.

Bali tip: Find the cheapest tourist bus from Kuta to Ubud.

8. Peekaboo

Peekaboo an indoor playground located in Sanur. Bring the kids socks and sit back and relax while they play.

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9. Lollypop Playland

An indoor playground located in Kuta. Great for the kids to blow out steam.

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10. Cycling tour in Ubud

Ubud is cooler than most of Bali so the best spot for exercise. Head out on a downhill cycle tour visiting coffee plantations, traditional Balinese homes and amazing trees.

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11. Yoga class

Ubud has loads of them. Our favourite is the Yoga Barn, but wherever you go, there’ll be plenty of options to choose from.

12. Rice paddy walk

Since we are speaking of exercise in Ubud, go for a walk. Rice paddies provide simply scrumptious scenery and make exploration fun. Try to spot the many kites in the sky too. 

13. Bali Bird Park

If you enjoy birds then this is not to be missed. Plus they have a lovely restaurant with a play area for kids.

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14. Bali Reptile Park

Part of your package at Bali Bird Park includes going next door to see the crocodiles and famous Komodo dragons.

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15. Bali Safari Park

This place keeps improving every year. Head out to see elephants, leopards and many other wild animals.

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16. Elephant Safari Park

Whether you are looking to ride an elephant or just be introduced to one, you can here.

17. Bali Zoo

Want to feed a tiger? You can do it here. A great day out with the kids.

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18. Bali Butterfly Park

If your kids love butterflies, check out the Bali Butterfly Park.

19. Monkey Forest

There are several monkey forests throughout Bali, but the most famous is in Ubud. Don’t wear jewellery and keep your backpack firmly closed, because these monkeys are the sneakiest thieves.

Read more about Alas Kedaton and Ubud’s Monkey Forest.

Expert tip: Save money on accomodation and search for family holiday villas in Bali.

20. Motorised water sports

Whether it’s jet skiing or paragliding or flying on a banana boat you can find endless opportunities down on the shores of Nusa Dua.

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21. Non-motorised water sports

A lot of hotels include ocean kayaking, amongst other water sports in their pricing in Nusa Dua. So head out on that gorgeous ocean, just make sure you cover up – it’s hot.

22. Seawalker Bali

If you’ve always wanted to walk on the ocean you can do so for a reasonable price in Bali. This is suitable for older children.

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23. Reuse Centre

In Ubud you’ll find a small place that loves to show kids how to create crafts with recycled products. I totally support it’s values but also our kids loved it.

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24. Kidsworld

Not far from Ubud is an inflatable playland with a small water play area. It gets hot inside so make sure you bring water.

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25. Sheraton Market Brunch

If you are looking for a family friendly restaurant every Sunday the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort holds its famous Sheraton Market Brunch. With dedicated kids tables and chairs and a supervised play area, adults can indulge knowing their wee ones are taken care of.

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26. Eat real Mexican food

What? My kids say Taco Casa is the best part of Bali. The best Mexican food we’ve eaten outside Mexico. They also do delivery!

27. Be pirates

Pirates Bay Bali is a restaurant down south with a big pirate boat. Kids will love it.

28. Cooking classes

We love learning to cook and the local cuisine in Bali is delicious. Whether it’s part of a hotel package or in the middle of the jungle, you can’t go wrong with Balinese food.

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29. Quad biking

Not far from Ubud you can hop on a four-wheel bike for a tour through the jungle. Get dirty splashing through mud and wave at sweet Balinese children as you ride through traditional villages.

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30. Canyon tubing

The same tour operator as Bali Quad, you can hop into a one-person inflatable tube and drift your way down the river. It’s a fun adventure with a flying fox ride thrown in.

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31. White water rafting

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Then head down raging white water rapids! Just remember these rapids are in a canyon so there’s quite a steep climb at the end.

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32. Bali Equestrian Centre

A horse-riding club with a swimming pool. This is Bali after all. Give the kids a chance to ride horses while you enjoy a swim or a delicious lunch.

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33. Hang out with friends

Ubud is a Bali expat gold mine so you are sure to find someone wanting to hang out and have a meal.

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34. Markets and malls

Markets can be found in most parts of Bali so get your shopping engines on. If you are after something a bit more upmarket then head to several of the well-known malls located in Kuta or Nusa Dua.

35. Get your hair braided

The humidity in Bali can be a source of frizz. Spend AUD$15 - $20 and get all that hair out of the way. A lifesaver for girls with long hair who love to swim.

36. Get a pedicure

With pedicures costing between AUD$5 - $15 you will probably be getting one every second day while in Bali. Just walk out your door and you should find a salon.

37. Get a massage

Whether it is your local spa or part of a hotel package, you don’t want to leave Bali without one. The kids can also join in with places like the Sheraton offering Mummy and Princess dates, and Daddy and Prince packages.

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38. Go to the beach

Head to Nusa Dua or Jimbaran for quality beach time. White sand, blue clear water.

39. Experience a volcano up close

It’s a bit of a climb, but if you make it to the top at sunrise you won’t be disappointed. Or just drive to the top of a nearby lookout point for a breathtaking view… without losing your breath.

40. Tanah Lot

A temple seemingly floating in the sea. A gorgeous location for photos and a historical piece of Bali.

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41. Elephant Cave

Goa Gajan is home to an ancient temple and cave. A few steps to walk up and down, but beautiful scenery and the local kids there loved our kids.

42. Learn to surf

There are plenty of places to choose from in Nusa Dua or the famous Kuta Beach. Grab a board and hit the waves.

43. Green Camp

In Ubud there is a well-known school called Green School and they also offer 3 or 5-day camps to get the whole family back to nature.

44. New Kuta Green Park

Not as new or big as Waterbom and Splash, but very local. It was an experience, lets put it that way.

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45. Relax in a hot spring

Close to Lovina is the Banjar Hot Springs. Or if you stay at Hotel Tjampuhan in Ubud, they also have a serene cave with hot springs on site.

46. Go snorkelling

A favourite snorkel spot would be the Blue Lagoon, but you’ll find plenty more.

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47. Zip, zip, zip!

Looking for a heart-pounding zip line adventure? Kids as young as 4 will enjoy a wild time through flying through trees at Bali Treetop Adventure Park.

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48. Glass bottom boat

Visit any tour booth or take a walk along the beach and you will find many options for glass bottom boat tours. Bundle it with a trip to Turtle Island to hold baby turtles.

49. Devdan show – Balinese dance

The beautiful art of Balinese dance is something you must see. Plenty of resorts offer it or you can head to a temple. One of our favourites was the elaborate show they put on at the Bali Collection theatre in Nusa Dua.

Read our review | Book discounted tickets online (recommended)

50. Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre

Opposite the soccer grounds in Ubud is the main library which, while offering a small book collection, is better known for its classes in Balinese art and culture.

51. Do Nothing

Watch a sunset, sit by the pool, lie in bed and smell the sweet frangipani scent floating on the breeze. While in Bali, don’t forget to take some downtime. Because with all this on offer we know it might not make it into the picture. 

What a list! Even while I was writing it, the list grew from 30 to 40 to 50 and I am sure I will be able to add more and more as time goes by.

What number is your favourite? Did I miss something? Please add it in comments below. 

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You missed off the 3d art places! That and the releasing of turtles was my kids favourite activities when we went.

Caprice Burrows May 26th, 2015

Trick Art Museum - Jl. Sunset Road no. 789, Seminyak.

Caprice May 26th, 2015

Love the post with great ideas!! We are looking forward to trying out The Garden Kids Club located close to BEC. They are a kids club from 2 years, under 2's need an adult, or you can stay and enjoy it with them :-)

Kate Comer May 26th, 2015

I did only skim through as I will read more later but I didn't note seeing-
Finns Beach Club &
Turtle release Kuta

Kellie May 26th, 2015

Ok, that does it! It is on the list for a family vacation! Looks amazing!

Cacinda Maloney May 26th, 2015

Great list - good to have a reference of lots of things to do with the kids on one page! My kids were too young to do much last time we were in Bali, but I shall keep this bookmarked for next time we go.

Marianne @ Mum on the Move May 27th, 2015

Bali is nice, Good list.

Divergent Travelers May 30th, 2015

You missed Sjaki-Tari-Us foundation at Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud. The kids spend a fun and craftsy day with disabled kids at the foundation (the proceeds of which the disabled kids get to take home as salary!).

bella Jun 4th, 2015

Releasing a baby turtle on Kuta beach for free !,, kids learn so much about conservation !,, and the fantastic Circus Waterpark in Tuban is so much nicer than the new green waterpark !,,

Rina Nov 1st, 2015

Great list!! i wanna be a kid all over again :)
I was wondering how we can get our SuperHero Factory on your list (
It is great for kids and we have super reviews.
Hope we can make it to your list..


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Kevin Wright Apr 10th, 2016

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