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Welcome to Travel With Bender. I’m Josh and I started this blog after I left Australia in May 2012 to start a life of nomadic travel. That’s right, I've been travelling since then, non-stop, around the world.

During that time I have visited 70+ countries.

For over 4 years I travelled with my two young children, Mia & Caius, but after a change in my personal situation in 2016 I continued travelling without kids.

Travel With Bender was born to share my travel experiences, as well as provide you the best first-hand information on destinations around the globe.

Travel With Bender has grown to over 1000+ posts so I created this page to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it be travel tips or just our most popular posts. The practical advice you’ll find here will get you one step BIG closer to your next dream holiday. 

But if you have any questions for me, check out our new list of the most popular questions I receive and feel free to contact me