A Rare Peek Into The Love Life Of 10 Top Travel Blogging Couples

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Last year we poked into the personal lives of some pretty amazing travel bloggers so this year is no different. 

If you want to check out our love life, click here for last year's Valentine's Day post. 

But this year we have some other awesome couples you want to know about. Why? Because once again we find ourselves stuck. With last years adventures involving a romantic helicopter ride to a glacier, anniversary dinner in snowy, lovable Banff and couples massages in Bali how were we going to come up with a Valentine's Day idea to top that?

Then I thought - get more ideas. So I asked some of our favourite couple travel bloggers all about their private love lives in the hopes they would inspire us and maybe even you too. 

Jonathan & Kach

Two Monkeys Travel Group

You know I haven't met these guys yet, but I speak to them online and I think they would be a lot of fun!

How Did You Fall In Love?

We met in Luang Prabang in Northern Laos, where we some we spent a couple of days together before going our separate ways. We kept in touch and after 2 months, I managed to convince Kach to come visit me in Hanoi, as soon as she had finished her yoga course. When she arrived, we took a a cheap motorbike through the mountains of Vietnam, following the border with China. Her two weeks visit turned into 7 months, and has now become over 2 years!

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

Our first Valentines Day was actually nothing to shout about as we were both working all hours in Hanoi to save money for our trip around India. I did buy a big basket of flowers and show up at her work though!

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

We haven't made exact plans yet, but we do know that we'll be in Georgia, so I'll have to play it by ear. I can be creative and romantic when I really have to!

Their very first motorbike trip together

Güçlü & Sabrina

Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina has a very popular blog and has a beautiful love story all in and around travel. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

We met in Istanbul, totally random in a bar. I was traveling for more than a year at that time, but when I met him I decided for the first time to stop traveling and to stay at one place. I'm glad I did. So I lived with him for almost 2 years in Istanbul until I got itchy feet again and moved with him to Asia. 

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

have to be completely honest, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas, all those days doesn't have a meaning to us. If you want to tell someone how much he or she means to you you could say it any time, no need to wait for Valentines Day. But to answer the question, I'm pretty sure we spent our first Valentines Day in Istanbul.

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

I'm not a romantic person, so I'm not sure what this year Valentines day has in store for us. We'll probably watch a movie in the cinema and eat in our favorite restaurants. Which is actually what we do almost every day, haha. For us, Valentines Day is not important, every day we spend together is special and we try to live by the moment and enjoy our time together as much as we can.

What a romantic photo!

Adam & Hannah

Getting Stamped

I love these guys. We've met them in a few places around the world and they are seriously fun stuff. If you get the chance go have a beer with them. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

We fell madly in love in a bar in the middle of winter in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I offered Adam and beer and the rest is history! Well, it kinda went like that...

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

Our first Valentines day together we spent it on the beaches of Negril, Jamaica on our first international trip together. We later returned to Negril with 50 of our friends & family to get married!

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

This Valentines day we will be relaxing on the beaches of Playa del Carmen, Mexico with a margarita in hand. Our favorite Valentines to date was at our favorite island Koh Lipe Thailand, I wish we could spend every Valentines day here. 

Jamaica wedding gorgeousness

Vaughan & Lauren

The Travel Manuel

These guys came for a hike in Bali with us and I fell in love with them instantly. They recently returned to South Africa for the birth of their son. He's gonna be a strapping young lad. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

Vaughan and I first met at the age of 17. He was at the neighbouring boys high school and volunteering backstage of a musical I was dancing in. I noticed his dark hair and dimples immediately and we began falling in love repeatedly since then. We didn’t date immediately but met up throughout university. We reconnected online when I was living in Korea and he was in South Africa. We knew we would be together as soon as I was home.  We dated for three years before he proposed. And here we are, three homes, three countries and one gorgeous three month old son later.

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

I can’t really recall it was so long ago plus Vaughan is quite the romantic and always surprised me with handpicked flowers from the garden, hidden love notes and rose petals on my pillow regardless of the day .We spent a lot of our first year as a couple in the small seaside town of Jeffrey’s Bay where Vaughan lived at the time. It was the best place for beach picnics, stargazing and romantic outdoor evenings.

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

Unlike any last Valentine’s day we’ve had before as now we’ll be enjoying it with our son Caleb.  We’ll probably enjoy a morning excursion in our beautiful hometown, Cape Town as his bedtime is at 8pm so we’ll be home in the evening. There won’t be any babysitters in sight as everyone will be out on their own dates!

What a good lookin' couple

Mike & Keryn

Walking On Travels

I haven't met Keryn yet, but her love story is a lot like ours. School sweethearts.  

How Did You Fall In Love?

My husband and I met in art school. We were friends for a couple of years before that little spark finally clicked, or more importantly, we stopped dating morons and were free to date each other. By junior year we were together, and have been together ever since, even keeping our relationship alive while living almost two years apart after we graduated.

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

I guess our first Valentine’s Day was when we were still in school. We grabbed dessert (my favorite meal) and just talked. We were always good at talking together, or rather, I was very good at talking and my husband was a great listener. 

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

Our Valentine’s Day will probably be pretty low key again this year. We have never really celebrated the holiday, mostly because I can’t stand to see him spend triple the price for flowers or chocolate when we could be saving that money for plane tickets. The best Valentine’s Day we ever had was when he did come home with flowers, though not in the traditional sense. He strolled in with a full on rose bush that he had picked up from the local garden center for a grand total of US$6.99. He knew I would hate a big bouquet of red roses, so instead he bought me a gorgeous antique purple climbing rose that I could enjoy year after year. It was one of the hardest things to leave behind in my garden after we moved. Maybe he will get the hint (I’ve told that story a lot lately) and surprise me with another plant to celebrate our love this year.

How adorable

Patrick & Cacinda

Points And Travel

Cacinda and I have met a few times now, more recently in Sri Lanka. She is a wise woman and I admire her so much. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

The moment I saw him, I knew. I know that is probably weird today, but that is how it happened. He had just moved to Texas and started working at the same place I was working. It took a while, but it eventually worked out. We have now been married 24 years this week, but together 31 years. 

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

in Houston, Texas.

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

It looks like I will be in Oaxaca, Mexico and he will be in Durango, Colorado. Two travelers not together on Valentine's Day, but we don't care, as we are both doing things we love. Valentine's Day is just a day to us.

Love in Monaco

Darcy & Corinne

Have Baby Will Travel

Last I was in Toronto Corinne invited us out to the aquarium. She is a super inspiring mum and while she may think this is boring, I think it's beautiful. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

We worked for the same media company, and I had noticed him in the hallways and at the commissary and thought he was pretty cute. A co-worker of mine also worked with his department, so I asked about him. We were officially introduced at our company's annual party and--after about ten too many cocktails--we've been together ever since! This October we'll celebrate wedding anniversary lucky #13.

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

Is it terrible that I can't remember? Aside from finding each other the corniest "Valentime" we can can locate, we don't really do the chocolates and flowers thing. Although one day I'd love to spend it in New York City to see if the Empire State Building actually lights up a big red heart like it does in Sleepless in Seattle.

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

Valentine's Day 2016 falls on the same weekend as Family Day (a holiday Monday) where we live, and it looks like we'll be spending it in an arena since our son plays competitive hockey. But we may manage to nip out for a skate date of our own to a local rink. Toronto has lots of awesome (and free!) outdoor skating rinks.

Love at the beach

Amanda & Youssef

Maroc Mama

I met Amanda in Sri Lanka and she has an absolutely fascinating love story that crosses religions, cultures and borders.  

How Did You Fall In Love?

We fell in love at first sight when we met in Marrakech in 2004. It was a very random, chance meeting (you can read the whole story if you'd like) but as soon as I looked at him I knew we would get married one day. After a year of visiting Morocco off and on, going through the US immigration process and an international move we were able to be together.

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

Our first Valentine's Day was in the US and I don't honestly remember what we did but I do remember our second Valentine's Day. We had moved to Washington DC and were completely alone, and had no friends. After work I made a special meal and we sat on the floor of our living room after putting our son to sleep and ate bruscetta and lemon shrimp with candles. He brought me flowers home from work. We thought we were so fancy! But it was memorable.  

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

This year we'll be making other people's Valentine's Day special. We run a food tour in Marrakech and have couples booked for the evening. We are organizing something fun and different to make the night special but I can't let the secrets out just yet.

Amazing views are so much better when shared together

James & Alyson

World Travel Family

Alyson and I met on a wonderful summers day in London, the same day I met Gwen Stefani. Alyson's life was so much more fascinating. Her and Chef have led a truly remarkable existence. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

We met in Egypt in January 2000. It wasn't love at first site, Chef was 11 years younger than me at 22, a very likable Aussie kid. I was interested, amused, somewhat fascinated by him. It was good to have somebody fun to talk to on our one week Felucca Sail-Trek and he made a point of hanging out with me rather than anyone else, we got on well and shared a love of travel. I wasn't looking for love, it was the last thing on my mind after ending a bad relationship. But by the end of the week we knew we'd see each other again. The photo is us mucking about on the Nile, him making me laugh. He still does. We were inseparable after a few meetings in London, where he was working. I think he asked me to marry him after 7 weeks.

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

He's a Chef, he would have been working, it's one of the busiest days of the year. I doubt we were together 

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

We will be in Sri Lanka, a week after our 13th wedding anniversary. We have no idea where yet, maybe Jaffna. We'll have a beer and a good curry!

A couple knows how to have fun when travelling

Lisa & Cheryl

What Boundaries Travel

These ladies know how to party. Every time I met them is at a party. 

How Did You Fall In Love?

Our love story started over 21 years ago at work of all places! We’re both in the pharmaceutical field (Lisa is a Pharmacist and Cheryl is an Account Executive). Lisa would leave adventure magazines on Cheryl’s desk with pages marked – like climbing ice waterfalls and kayaking dangerous rapids – and a note saying “Wouldn’t this be fun?” Little did Cheryl know that Lisa had never even been camping and much preferred libraries to anything dangerous! The adventure magazines must have worked, because now 21 years later we’re still laughing together and looking for fun and adventure all over the world. 

Where Was Your 1st Valentines Day?

We spent our first Valentine’s Day at a restaurant called the 94th Aero Squadron – where we could watch planes landing on the runway outside of our window and listen to the controllers as they brought the planes in. A great place for conversation about where in the world we wanted to explore. It must have been a sign, because we still get excited when packing for a trip and boarding that airplane for someplace new!

What's 2016 Valentines Day Look Like?

We both feel so blessed to have found someone who we love to travel with and spend time with that every single day feels like Valentine’s Day! This year we’ll be at home in Florida (a first for us in several years) so we’ll go out for a nice meal and pop open a bottle of wine when we get back home. Cheers to all the lovers out there – safe travels and have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Party animals

So where will you be spending Valentines Day this year?

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Awwww what such cute couples!!!!

Hannah @GettingStamped Feb 12th, 2016

Missed us out ;)

Jennifer Feb 12th, 2016

Thanks for including us Erin! I love reading about traveling couples - it is definitely a different dynamic! Happy Valentines Day!

Cheryl Feb 13th, 2016

Ah you missed me any my husband too. Although my husband only makes a rare appearance writing on the blog, he gets mentioned more when we are travelling! I loved this post as have read a lot of the blogs and it is really nice to get to know the people more. For the record our meeting was pretty dull as it was work but my Hubbie was a novice traveller at best. Ten years later and around 40 countries he is definitely becoming more of an expert. Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Anne Feb 13th, 2016


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